Tie-Rod Assemblies

Jormac is very pleased to introduce our new composite tie-rod, which is a result of considerable research and development effort.  These new state of the art tie-rods are manufactured with an overall adjustability range of two inches, which provides maximum installation adjustability.  These new tie-rods offer the structural performance of conventional steel tie-rods while weighing the same or less than aluminum tie-rods.  These tie-rods are available in a variety of lengths, depending on the installation requirements.

Our aluminum and steel tie-rods are available in a variety or lengths to support a large variety of compression and tension applications.  These tie-rods are provided with one end fitting installed, allowing the installer to final trim the unfinished end to the desired length prior to installing the opposite end fitting with the provided kit hardware per the included drawing.  Numerous diameters and lengths are available, as well as end fittings, for both aluminum and steel tie-rods.

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