• Oct 26, 16
Jormac is pleased to announce our Premium Galley Program. Baseline configuration galleys have been developed for G4, G1 and G2 positions in the B737 series BBJ aircraft.  Each galley is available in three configurable levels, each incorporating VVIP fit and finish detail. These baseline configurations offer reduced NRE and shortened lead time. Each customizable configuration option is available with numerous finish options. Additionally, each galley regardless of configuration level is delivered turnkey with all supporting documentation and install hardware for installation to existing OEM attachments.
Jormac has carefully chosen our design configuration options based on experience and industry research conducted to provide options which offer the ability to incorporate a variety of equipment and capability to meet a diverse range of mission objectives.This video demonstrates the configurability options which have been designed into our G4B galley. This same flexible design philosophy has been utilized for our G1 and G2 galleys.
Jormac stands by our galley products with a five year warranty, and offers on-site installation support as well. Contact us to learn how our Premium Galley Program can offer greater flexibility, reduced costs and improved lead time.