In an increasingly complex and sophisticated world, product applications need to conform to more and more demanding standards of FAA compliance as well as legal directives. Where applications are safety critical it is an essential part of the validation and verification process to achieve certification of conformance.  Our QA staff strives to insure all products meet their design and specification requirements. Complying with FAA regulatory standards is difficult enough, but at Jormac Aerospace we are able to take this much further having successfully designed numerous aircraft interiors and components to meet customer demands.  Our staff includes two DER’s and one DMIR to assist customers in meeting compliance.  We also hold FAA production approvals on 15 different products under PMA# PQ1706CE.   We provide the following services:
  • Design and Construction Certification
  • Static Analysis
  • Decompression Analysis
  • Materials and Processes
  • Damage Tolerance Analysis
  • Part & Installation Conformity Inspections
  • Parts Manufacturer Approvals (PMA)